Love in Boston , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2620
ISBN: 978-1-335-97180-7
October 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Boston, Massachusetts – Present Day

Wealthy lawyer Matt Edwards hasn't been to Boston in nearly a year, but he has two reasons to come now. First up, he plans to reconnect with his former on and off again lover, interior designer DJ (Dylan-Jane) Winston. But when Matt arrives at her office, the greeting is frosty. Then, he learns why she hasn't contacted him in months: during their last fling she got pregnant. She later miscarried, but it sent a serious message to her that messing around with Matt is dangerous. For Matt, it brings back painful memories of another pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage when he was seventeen. However, that miscarriage turned into a lie and explains his other reason for being in Boston: to reconnect with his now adult daughter that he didn't know existed.

For DJ, Christmas is a really hard time because when she was a child her father walked out on her and her mother a week before the holiday. She tries to grind through it, but after getting pregnant (and then losing the baby) last Christmas, she finds being around Matt unbearable. After Matt's initial shock of learning about DJ's pregnancy, he is soon back asking for her forgiveness. The man certainly has charm and DJ is soon giving in. But once again Matt can't promise DJ anything more than the few weeks that he will be there. Then there is the baby secret of his own that he has yet to mention to DJ…

DJ and Matt have a long history together that is mostly about sex. Their friends with benefits relationship fit both of their lifestyles but it all changed a year ago when she got pregnant. Shocked at finding out, she waited to tell him, but ultimately ended up not letting him know when she lost the baby. Matt knew something was up after DJ brushed him off in texts the past few months. Now he's back in Boston to find out why and to pick it up where they left off. He's still dealing emotionally with the news that he has an adult daughter. He only learned about her after she contacted him on one of those adoption registers (her mother had given her up for adoption). But Matt's daughter still isn't sure if she wants to meet him.

DJ's relationship with her mother is tenuous at best, while her father literally left them for another family. With no parental support, DJ turns to her best friends, Darby and Jules, for not only friendship, but emotional support. After Matt returns to Boston, her friends circle around DJ for support, but it's soon not needed when they resume their friends with benefits affair in HOT CHRISTMAS KISSES. Yet, DJ finds herself wanting more from Matt. Can he deliver? Meanwhile, a continuing side story of the  Love in Boston  series is the slowly developing romance between Callie, the mother of Darby and Jules, and the neighborhood coffeehouse owner. Will things turn hot between them?

HOT CHRISTMAS KISSES is an emotional journey for DJ and Matt as they work to resolve the issues from their past and finally come together for a hopeful happily-ever-after.

Patti Fischer