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Dynasties: Calcott Manor, Book 4
Harlequin Desire #18B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45780-6
September 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Hatfield, Connecticut – Present Day

For months Aly Garwood has been staying at Calcott Manor with Avangeline Forrester-Grantham getting to know the elderly lady. Aly was the lucky recipient of Avangeline’s grandson Malcolm Grantham’s liver after he tragically died. In a strange twist, Aly is hearing Malcolm’s thoughts inside her head. Avangeline’s family thinks that she’s there to rip off the elderly lady and is skeptical of her claims. One particular person has been notoriously abrupt with Aly: Merrick Knowles, a man she had a one-night stand with just before she arrived at Calcott Manor. 

The night he had sex with Aly, Merrick did not realize who she was. But the fact that she is cozying up to Avangeline, the woman who treats him like her grandson, is suspicious. Aly claims that she is having visions involving Malcolm and that she has nightmares about the plane crash that caused the death of Avangeline’s only sons. Is she lying, or are they real, and if so, why? Meanwhile, Aly and Merrick can’t forget their night together even if they try. Soon, they are hitting the sheets. As their affair progresses, they work together to get to the bottom of the rest of the secrets surrounding the Grantham family. 

Merrick thought the best course of action was to keep an eye on Aly in KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSE… However, their togetherness only intensifies the sexual attraction. As she begins to trust him, she tells him about her past and how she arrived here in Hatfield. It’s clear to readers that she isn’t a scam artist. She genuinely cares about Avangeline and wants to know why she is having these strange visions. Merrick is curious enough to join her in the investigation, which means time spent together. Their sexual chemistry is hot, and they can’t keep their hands off each other. But will their time end when Aly returns to her old life in New Jersey?

KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSE… is an intriguing tale that will keep readers glued to the pages. There are two “secrets” that have been part of the theme of the Calcott Manor series, and both are resolved. Readers will learn more about Avangeline in this tale and get an ending for her. Meanwhile, Merrick struggles over his feelings for Aly due to his distrust of her motives. A side story has been Merrick’s mother, Jacinta, and her love for a younger man. She feels the age difference is too much to overcome. Will she get her happily-ever-after, as will Merrick and Aly? 

An emotional and sizzling tale, don’t miss KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSE…

Patti Fischer

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