Texas Cattleman's Club: Bachelor Auction , Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2641
ISBN: 978-1-335-60343-2
February 2019

Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Ten years ago, Daniel Clayton and Alexis Slade were teenage lovers, but their relationship was like that of Romeo and Juliet—without the suicide pact. Their grandparents have feuded for years and forbade Daniel and Alexis from seeing one another. The friction between the families finally ripped them apart and neither has seen the other for years—until they are pulled together during preparation for an upcoming bachelor auction. Sparks are rekindled and they're soon secretly meeting as lovers. But their affair falls apart when Alexis ends up pregnant. Daniel wants to marry her, but she refuses. Meanwhile, Alexis's grandfather falls in love with Daniel's grandmother, and in a quickie ceremony, they get married. The elderly couple ended their part in the feud and feel it's time for Alexis and Daniel to come together, so they conspire to send the unhappy couple away on a trip to an isolated island. Will Daniel and Alexis rediscover the magical love they once had?

Throughout the  Texas Cattleman's Club: Bachelor Auction  series, Alexis and Daniel's story has been a minor plotline. Everyone in town knows about the feud between their families and that ten years ago the young couple was in love but broke up. Now that Alexis has returned to live in Royal City, the attraction between them roars back with intensity. What neither realizes is that their grandparents are conspiring to rig the bachelor auction so that Alexis and Daniel are paired with someone else. However, the conspirators fall in love! With the news that Alexis is pregnant, they now plan a way to bring back together the couple they once sought to keep apart.

Tricked to get on an airplane together, Alexis and Daniel are whisked away to a remote island, though it has a magnificent mansion with enough luxurious amenities to rival a resort. Finally, alone together for an extended period of time since they learned about the pregnancy, Alexis and Daniel get a chance to talk. Will it lead to a reconciliation? Of course, the sparks that have flown between them for years are rekindled and they're quickly hitting the sheets. There's no doubt that the sex is great between them, but can they make a long-term relationship work? Everything about Daniel and Alexis in LONE STAR REUNION is like a game of tennis with much back and forth. Sometimes things work really well between them, then the next they are arguing.  His childhood was unstable until he moved in with his grandmother, while Alexis thinks he doesn't care for her as much as she does him. As readers can see, they have some issues to work out.

LONE STAR REUNION is the final book in this latest installment of the long-running  Texas Cattleman's Club . All the couples introduced are finally hooked up after finding their happily-ever-afters. A sexy and entertaining tale don't miss LONE STAR REUNION.

Patti Fischer