Love in Boston , Book 4
arlequin Desire #2716
ISBN: 978-1-335-20892-7
February 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Boston, Massachusetts Present Day

Art sleuth Sadie Slade is temporarily working for Murphy International, which means she has to come into contact with the sexy CEO, Carrick Murphy. Sadie has heard the rumors about Carrick, as she is friends with his ex-wife and the woman's sister. Is he really a monster hiding behind an incredible smile? But it doesn't stop Sadie from having a one-night stand with him. She plans to not do it again, but that's hard to do when she is lusting after the man. Then things become even more complicated when Sadie discovers she's pregnant with Carrick's baby.

Carrick can't quite figure out why he's attracted to Sadie. She is sometimes aloof towards him, then other times they can barely keep their hands off one another. He also knows that as soon as her job assignment is over, she'll be on her way back home to France. As their relationship goes from hot to cold, then back to hot, when will Carrick and Sadie realize they're falling for each other? What about the fact that she hasn't revealed she is friends with his ex? If he does find out, would he suspect she had an ulterior motive for being there?

Carrick and Sadie have an unexpected attraction in ONE LITTLE INDISCRETION by Joss Wood. Sadie is there to do a job, but she finds herself lusting after Carrick. One night, their mutual attraction bursts into a fiery passion and they make love. Carrick and Sadie both thought they could walk away from the other, but it doesn't work out quite the way they planned. Add in that Carrick and Sadie can't avoid being around one another, then it only heightens the sexual chemistry between them whenever they're in the same room. Sadie has heard some bad things about Carrick from his ex, and since she's already dealt with an ex-husband who turned out to be slime after they got married, she's not the trusting sort. Carrick has the same issue after his ex-wife betrayed him. This couple is going to have to work on trusting each other before they can find a happily-ever-after together. The addition of a baby only complicates things between them.

It's a back and forth affair for Carrick and Sadie in ONE LITTLE INDISCRETION. Will they find the trust and happiness they deserve? Find out in this intriguing tale.

Patti Fischer