Dynasties: Seven Sins , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2756
ISBN: 978-1-335-20932-0
September 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Falling Brook, New Jersey – Present Day

Six years ago, then twenty-one-year-old Emily Arnott tried to use her wiles to attract bad boy Matt Velez, but he thoroughly humiliated her by turning her down. Emily hasn't forgotten her embarrassment over what happened, so when Matt suddenly shows back up in town and starts trying to charm her, she is suspicious. Is the only reason he's interested in her now because he found out she just became engaged to his biggest rival? What Matt doesn't know is that Emily is only engaged to Nico Morris because he's blackmailing her. While a picture of her father sitting and chatting with another man might be nothing at all, if it comes out that the other man is a ruthless mobster, then the bad publicity for their company would be brutal. Emily now must figure out how to escape from this forced engagement.

Matt is back in Falling Brook because he is pursuing the CEO position at Black Crescent, an investment company that was involved in a big scandal years ago after its then-CEO absconded with the money of several clients and disappeared. When Emily tried to seduce him six years ago, the timing wasn't right. She is the “happily-ever-after” kind and he was playing the field—hard—at the time. Now Matt is back, and when he runs into Emily, he's seriously interested in her. Of course, it would turn out she's engaged to Nico Morris, a man he hates, and he can't understand why she's involved with the shady dude. Matt devises a plan to find out why she's about to marry Nico—and get her into his bed.

It's a combination of jealousy and envy for Matt in RECKLESS ENVY by Joss Wood. He isn't the same man who Emily knew six years ago when he turned down her attempts to get him to make love to her. In the intervening years, Matt has built his own successful company while Emily is striving to keep her father's company afloat after being nearly bankrupted in the Black Crescent scandal. Her father is more interested in work than his own daughter, but she doesn't go to him about the pictures Nico is threatening to send to the media, because she worries that the fallout would hit him hard—and he'd end up depressed as he did years ago. The pictures are innocent, but how to explain that to the hungry press?

Matt senses that Emily is more attracted to him than she lets on, so tries to be wherever she might be. It works, and desire rises hot and fiery between them. She resists him—continually—about letting him make love to her, but soon she can't deny the attraction. But by this time, Emily has pretty much revealed to Matt that she's engaged to Nico against her will. Can he help Emily disengage herself from her fiancé? Will love be written in the stars for them in RECKLESS ENVY? Find out the answers by picking up this intriguing tale.

Patti Fischer