Dynasties: Secrets of the A-List , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2679
ISBN: 978-1-335-60381-4
August 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Event planner Teresa St. Claire and billionaire businessman Liam Christopher are attracted to each other, but the cloud of her possibly having an affair with his father years ago hangs over them. Liam thought he believed Teresa when she denied it, but after his father dies suddenly and the will gives her twenty-five percent of his company to run with Liam, the suspicions return. Now they are trying to work together, though their temporary peace is disrupted by the reappearance of Teresa's brother in her life. Joshua has struggled with both a drug addiction and gambling addiction, and now is being threatened by thugs because he owes seven million dollars. Teresa refuses Liam's offer to help. They both know that she can get the money by selling her part of the company. Yet, even as she tries to keep him from helping her, the deeper their attraction grows.

Meanwhile, mega-millionaire Brooks Abbingdon needs to marry by the end of the month or lose control of a company he values. He hires Teresa to plan his elaborate wedding—though he doesn't yet have a bride. His search for a bride leads him to Nicolette Ryan, a journalist. Will she accept his crazy offer to marry him in two weeks?

Throughout the  Dynasties: Secrets of the A-List  series, readers have watched Teresa and Liam battle their attraction by giving in to it, then breaking up after each new scandal arises. Finally, in REDEEMED BY PASSION, they finally get a resolution to their story. Teresa first met Liam's father, Linus, when he mentored her on a college project, and it led to a friendship. However, Liam's mother freaked out and accused Linus and Teresa of sleeping together, and shortly thereafter, the marriage ended. That was years ago and both Liam and Teresa have moved on, but their paths have recently crossed due to an event of a mutual friend of theirs. This reignited their attraction and led to a fling, but the moment Liam learns that his father left her part of the company, he accuses her of lying to him. Things are now hot and cold between them. The accusations hover over them, even as they can't stop kissing and making love. In the meantime, Teresa is losing business after there is one disaster after another. A coincidence…or is someone trying to sabotage her?

REDEEMED BY PASSION is a fairly complicated tale and it's best to have read all four books in this series. They are (in order): TEMPTED BY SCANDAL, TAKEN BY STORM, and SEDUCED BY SECOND CHANCES, all available where you buy books. REDEEMED BY PASSION is the final book, with Teresa and Liam's rocky romance finally resolved. By the end, not only will you be rooting for them to win over the adversity, but get to know Brooks and Nic. A hint here: everyone is headed for a happily-ever-after. Don't miss the compelling REDEEMED BY PASSION, or the other three books in the series.

Patti Fischer