The Ballantyne Billionaires , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2523
ISBN: 978-0-373-83850-9
June 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Nearly ten years ago, Cady Collins and Beckett Ballantyne were young lovers on a world trip, but in Thailand he told her they were over and sent her away. Now a top PR whiz in New York City, Cady finds herself needing a new contract as she's just lost a client who fired her…because she ended up pregnant with his baby. Through a stroke of luck, she runs into an old friend who is with Beck's younger sister, who then suggests her for the PR contract at the company owned by the Ballantynes. Still hurt by Beck's rejection years ago, Cady hopes she doesn't run into him, but fate has other ideas.

Beck has built a reputation as a lady's man, but running into Cady at the office has him going back ten years when he feared he was falling in love with her. He has this fear of love and commitment, and when it became apparent she was wanting both, he pushed her away.  Cady has matured into a beautiful and sexy woman, and she's the best PR person for the job. Beck and Cady not only work well together, but it doesn't take long before they're making love. She may not be looking for a commitment from him, but she needs to tell him about her little baby secret.

Cady was raised in a rigid, conservative family, so the news of her being pregnant and unmarried will surely distress her parents. Add in that the baby's father is married, though Cady only found this out when she told him the news about the pregnancy. She is determined to raise her child on her own, but feels before she and Beck can “rekindle” their affair, he needs to know the truth. He takes it well, and promises to keep it a secret. Cady isn't looking for anything further from Beck than a fling while they're working together, but is she lying to herself?

Beck lost his parents when he was young and blames himself for their trying to rush home to comfort their ailing son, which caused them to crash their plane. As such, he feels unworthy of ever deserving love and happiness with a woman. This hasn't stopped his wild streak though, as he's traveled all over the world on grand adventures. Cady suddenly has him thinking of settling down, which scares him. Could he face a future with her and raise her child as his?

The family dynamics of the Ballantynes are apparent in REUNITED…AND PREGNANT, and while we do see Jaeger and Piper from HIS EX'S WELL-KEPT SECRET, one can read this tale as standalone. There's even a hint in this book of future couplings for the other siblings. Joss Wood has created an intriguing and enjoyable family series with The Ballantyne Billionaires .

The title of REUNITED…AND PREGNANT certainly describes this tale, as Cady and Beck get a chance to rekindle their love. Find out if they get their happily-ever-after in REUNITED…AND PREGNANT.

Patti Fischer