Texas Cattleman's Club: Inheritance , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2707
ISBN: 978-1-335-20883-5
January 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Fee Martinez and her “Real Housewives…” group have taken Royal, Texas by storm. With their camera crew in tow, they're filming scenes for the upcoming season while one of the women, Miranda Blackwood, is dealing with her contentious stepchildren over her inheriting their father's massive estate. Rancher Clint Rockwell catches Fee's eye at one of the filming sessions, and she's intrigued by him. However, he's abrupt with her, making it clear that he has no time for sissy divas. Yet, there is a spark between them that can't be ignored.

Clint lost his lower leg while serving in the military, and he tends to hide the fact that he wears a prosthetic leg, especially from women after his own mother and his ex-girlfriend let him know they were repelled by it. Fee isn't his usual type of woman, but she makes it clear she wouldn't mind a round of sex with him. Clint hasn't had sex since his ex moved out years ago. Is it lust—or something else—that propels him toward Fee? Would he feel comfortable letting her see his leg, or will she turn away as the others have?

A scandal is brewing in Texas when Clint and Fee hook up in RICH, RUGGED RANCHER. Fee is the darling of the paparazzi as one of the stars of a popular television show. Clint should probably avoid her at all costs, but he can't ignore the fact that he's interested in her. Things start off rocky between them. He doesn't like the group filming on his property, even though he agreed to it. But the more Clint is around Fee, the more he wants her. When he finally gives in to the lust, will once be enough? Why is Fee interested in a man who will likely be nothing but a one-night stand? Is she just wanting to get her hooks into a rich man like Clint?

Readers get a chance to go behind the scenes to see how a reality TV show operates. Drama is encouraged and amplified. Fee and Clint try to keep their affair under wraps, but it's hard to deny their growing attraction as things go from a one-night fling to multiple nights spent together. Yet, even as their feelings for each other grow deeper, they are well aware that Fee will be leaving soon. Will Clint ask her to stick around Royal?

The sizzling attraction between a couple who are polar opposites provides the foundation for a romance in RICH, RUGGED RANCHER. A future together seems unlikely, but maybe Cupid will have other ideas.

Patti Fischer