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Dynasties: Calcott Manor, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #18A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45780-6
September 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Hatfield, Connecticut – Present Day

Jack Grantham and his brothers and cousins have been urging their elderly grandmother Avangeline Forrester-Grantham to update her will. She has been refusing, and it is only recently discovered why: she is being blackmailed into not only sending money to a mysterious person, but they want her to change her will to include them. Their grandmother has refused to divulge the secrets surrounding the blackmailing, so the men vow to each make a trip to Calcott Manor in Hatfield, Connecticut. Now it is Jack’s turn and he’s in for a surprise after he arrives. 

Peyton Caron had been engaged ten years ago to Jack’s brother Malcolm and shortly after they broke things off, Malcolm was killed in a car accident. Avangeline blamed Peyton for his death and vowed revenge if she ever contacts one of her grandsons again. However, two years ago, Peyton ran into Jack at a wedding reception and the two ended up in a one-night stand. She never told him that she ended up pregnant and that he is now the father of Noah. But with Jack’s return to town and rumors already swirling about Noah’s paternity, Peyton knows she must tell him the truth.

Secrets are coming out of the woodwork in THE TROUBLE WITH LITTLE SECRETS by Joss Wood, the third tale in the Calcott Manor series. Peyton feared the wrath of Avangeline, a woman who could destroy her life if she found out about the fling she had with Jack. She meets up with Jack and finally tells him. He doesn’t question the paternity because he knows that Peyton would never lie to him, despite the swirling questions surrounding why she broke off her engagement with Malcolm. And it turns out that Avangeline is more than happy to have her first great-grandchild. So, all is well? Not exactly. Peyton will be leaving town soon for a job in Chicago. Jack wants to keep his son close by. Or is it Peyton he wants?

Meanwhile, Jack continues to investigate who is blackmailing Avangeline and why. His grandmother continues to remain mum about who her secret lover was. Recently, it was discovered that Jack’s parents led a secret life before they and his aunt and uncle were killed in a plane accident. Is this part of the evidence the blackmailer is holding Avangeline to? Jack continues his investigation while he also gets to know his son—and gets reacquainted sexually with Peyton. Can he convince her to move to New York City so they can live in the same location?

By the end of THE TROUBLE WITH LITTLE SECRETS, we do learn the identity of the blackmailer, but there are more secrets that will need to be uncovered. One more tale to go. Meanwhile, enjoy the heat that sizzles between Jack and Peyton as they fall in love. Don’t miss THE TROUBLE WITH LITTLE SECRETS.

Patti Fischer

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