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Calcott Manor, Book 2
Harlequin Desire #5B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45756-1
May 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City & Connecticut – Present Day

Hospitality billionaire Fox Grantham needs a new personal assistant right away. So far, the applicants sent over from the agency haven’t met the requirements. Ru Osman is in need of a temporary job to earn enough money to get back to her preferred love: traveling the world. She doesn’t actually have the necessary requirements to be a PA, but she shows up at Fox’s office and takes residence as one. Because he needs one right away, Fox agrees to temporarily keep her on until a permanent one can be hired. But there is something Ru never expected would happen: he needs her to accompany him to his grandmother’s mansion in Connecticut where they will be working for a month. 

Ru was kidnapped when she was three years old, and her parents still want to protect her even though she’s now an adult. She rebelled against them by being a vagabond traveler, going from one place to another, only returning home briefly to earn money for the next big adventure. Once she has worked for Fox for six weeks, she plans a trip to Australia. However, before they can leave for Connecticut, Ru has a favor to ask him. Can he accompany her to a wedding so that she can keep her parents from pushing an old family friend at her? That man is determined to make Ru his bride. Fox reluctantly agrees but going on a “date” with her has him looking at her in a different way. Will he decide to mix business and pleasure on their working trip?

Fox loves his grandmother and like the rest of his family, they are protective of her. She currently has a woman living with her who they suspect is a con artist. It is Fox’s turn to be on the premises and check out the guest. It’s clear that his grandmother cares for the woman, but can she be trusted? While at Calcott Manor, Fox opens up to Ru about his parents’ marriage and death. She is someone he feels comfortable with. How unusual for him.

In THEIR TEMPORARY ARRANGEMENT, Ru and Fox start out in a business arrangement but are soon hitting the sheets. She has had an unusual life and she makes it clear that she will be moving on in a few weeks. Enjoying a temporary affair seems like a fun thing to do. But will it lead to them falling in love? Find out the answer by buying a copy of THEIR TEMPORARY ARRANGEMENT.

Patti Fischer

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