THE CHECKLIST – Addie Woolridge
Montlake Romance
ISBN: 978-1542029278
June 1, 2021
Romantic Comedy

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Corporate consultant Dylan Delacroix has the supervisor from hell, and as payback for upstaging him, she is sent on a job assignment to the one place she wants to avoid: her hometown of Seattle. Leaving her longtime boyfriend, Nicolas, behind, Dylan makes the trip to Seattle and stays with her parents. The assignment is to rehabilitate the reputation of a CEO as company morale is in the tank and the stock price is teetering on the edge. Things start off wrong the very first day as the person who was supposed to set her up at the company decided to quit—without letting Dylan know. Now Dylan, who is notorious for keeping “checklists” of things to do, is having to wing her new assignment.

Coming home to live with her parents and sister—even if temporary—is a return to chaos for Dylan, which includes her family fighting with the couple next door. When she goes next door at the request of her parents to ask the neighbors to turn off an intrusive light, she runs into their son, Mike, who has turned out mighty fine as an adult. Things click between Dylan and Mike, even as her relationship with Nicolas heads south. Meanwhile, her supervisor back in Houston, Jared, is haranguing her over the phone and in emails, putting pressure on Dylan to succeed. The boss of the company she is trying to “fix” doesn't think there's anything wrong. Yet, it's clear that they need help to fix employee relations. For the checklist carrying Dylan, this should be a piece of cake. But everything is falling apart—and more.

The fun is in the cards in THE CHECKLIST, a hip and funny tale that takes place in the technology business world. Dylan figures the job would be easy to do. Get everyone and everything straightened out, then she can go back to Houston and Nicolas. Meanwhile, she must deal with her family's quirks and nuances as her parents aren't like most families. They are into art and saving the world, while Dylan is more concerned with making sure everything is perfect in her world. When things don't go her way, she feels like she is out of control. How will she handle things when it's not going as she expects?

The characters in THE CHECKLIST are mostly all quirky, even Dylan, who might seem to be the sanest one in the group. Will Dylan's relationship with Nicolas survive before she can finish her assignment? They were living together but their being apart has her seeing how selfish he is and wondering if it's time to end the relationship. Will Mike be there to “pick up the pieces”? The corporate assignment isn't easy, and Dylan starts to wonder if she will even have a job by the time she's finished, especially since Tim, the business owner, doesn't seem to have a clue that he is bad at being a boss.

Check out THE CHECKLIST for an entertaining read that takes place in the business world and watch as Dylan's plan to keep things going perfect soon ends in chaos.

Patti Fischer