Bodyguard , Book 3
ISBN:  1455590312
March 2017
Romantic Suspense

Los Angeles, California - Present Day

Alexa Fairfax, tiny and blond and heir to the Fairfax movie dynasty, is sitting at yet another boring dinner at her parents' home.  Thankfully, she recently escaped the confines of her father's house and rented her own apartment, but occasionally, family demands bring her back home.  Tonight, she excuses herself from the table to find a minute of respite in another room.  But when she overhears her father and one of his men casually discussing a murder of a colleague and plotting another, Alexa runs for her life.

Zack De Luca is a Martial Arts fighter and a top notch security agent for Virtus Security.  Zack has admired Alexa, and been half in love with her for years.  Tonight, she is afraid, spilling a horrendous story and asking for his help.  Zack makes it his mission to protect her from her own father.  The agents at Virtus take on the case, and Zack becomes her bodyguard.  Alexa is running from her own father, and when her home is burglarized, going to the police is the only option, throwing her in more danger than ever as she becomes a target in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

CHAIN REACTION is the third book in the Bodyguard series, and offers suspense, romance and danger.  The characterization is done well, and the suspense is tight; however, the subject matter is off-putting.  Alexa's own father has used her through the years, pimping her out to benefit his business of murder and the mob.  This is a story of abuse in the deepest sense.  Though this seems to be a popular series, I cannot identify with these characters or the subject matter; it leaves me cold.  Fans of the series might enjoy this selection, but you can count this reader out.

Diana Risso