The Graysons - Book 1
St. Martins (Swerve)
November 2016
Contemporary Holiday Romance

Cheyenne, Wyoming - Present Day

Pediatrician Dr. Christie Harmon has been living in Cheyenne a little over a year when she meets local carpenter Luke Grayson in the hospital emergency room after his son, Ethan, is hurt.  An immediate attraction to the devastatingly handsome Luke gives Christie pause.  She's worked hard to start over in a new town after leaving her previous home in disgrace.  No one here knows her secrets, and she wants to keep it that way.  But young Ethan is determined to throw her and his father together during the holidays, and she can't ignore the electricity that flows between her and Luke.  Meanwhile, Luke isn't sure he's ready for another romance after the desertion of his wife, who left him and Ethan without a backward glance and high-tailed it off to California.

WHEN SNOWFLAKES FALL is the initial story about two twin brothers, Luke and Matt Grayson.  A short novella, this book is just right for the busy holiday rush.  Although sold separately, you will want to read both stories.  For Christie and Luke, love gives them a brand new start in this totally delightful romance!

Diana Risso

The Graysons - Book 2
St.  Martins (Swerve)
November 2016
Contemporary Holiday Romance

Centennial, Wyoming - Present Day

Ellie Richards is going to make this her year, well, right after the New Year that is.  She's on her way to celebrate New Year's Eve with her best friend at a fabulous ski lodge, and after, she'll return to Denver and her new townhouse and her wonderful job, and she'll start carving a real life for herself, maybe even meet that special guy.

Police Sergeant Matt Grayson is planning to have a quiet New Year's Eve as soon as he finishes his last day with the Laramie County Sheriff's Department.  Recently promoted to Detective, Matt is on his way to Seattle, Washington to begin his new job after the first of the year.  But when he finds Ellie Richards and her car stuck in a snow bank his world turns on its axis.  Ever the professional, Matt ignores the electricity arching between them and sees Ms. Richards on her way.

Shaken and wanting only to spend the night quietly in her hotel room, Ellie succumbs to the blind date her best friend, Lauren, arranged for New Year's Eve.  Imagine Ellie's surprise when the hunky Sergeant Grayson rescues her once again!  Romance and the promise of love and heartbreak are in store for Ellie and Matt.  Are they able to have just one night of magic before they go their separate ways to their ordinary days when it's all over?

LIKE FRESH FALLEN SNOW wraps up this dual set of novellas with a wonderful and passionate love story.  Although both books stand alone, and are sold separately, you will want to read them both!

Diana Risso