Copper Ridge: The Donnelly's, Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-335-01331-6
October 2017
Contemporary Romance

Copper Ridge, Oregon – Present Day

Thirteen years ago, a seventeen-year-old Sabrina Leighton was in love with Liam Donnelly and offered her innocence to him, but he turned her down. Instead, he took her father's money to walk away from her and leave town. Naturally, this angered Sabrina, and when Liam returns to town years later, she tries to ignore him while being rude to him. But he's hard to ignore in a small town like Copper Ridge, especially since his family's ranch is planning a joint venture with the winery where she works. Forced to work together, Sabrina and Liam have to face their past.

Liam was raised in an unloving home environment and he used the money from Sabrina's father to get away from Copper Ridge and build a new life. He did so successfully, but now has returned to help run the ranch left to Liam and his three brothers by their grandfather. He treads lightly around Sabrina, but it hasn't stopped him from still being attracted to her after all these years. She's prickly as a cactus around him, but soon it all changes and they're locked in a heated kiss. Unable to resist the passion between them, Sabrina agrees to an affair, but only until the grand opening of the wine and cheese shop they're working on. But will a fling work when there are deeper feelings between them?

Liam is the final brother to find his mate in the Copper Ridge: The Donnelly's series by Maisey Yates. He became a self-made millionaire after he left town, but he returned to join his brothers at the ranch. But does he want to stay? Is the fact that Sabrina is still there keeping him in town? She hasn't exactly been friendly towards him, but that doesn't stop him from being around her, which means their interaction is exacerbated by being forced to work together to open the new shop. Old feelings bubble to the surface, and they can't deny the sexual attraction is still there. But this time, Liam doesn't resist the passion Sabrina brings out in him.

Sabrina was a teenager in love and wanted to take her relationship with Liam to the next level by offering him her virginity. He turned her down and left town, and to say it hurt her is an understatement. Sabrina became a little wild and said some things to her parents (in front of others) that has led to an estrangement from them. But she has built a life that revolves around working at the winery and isn't planning on marriage anytime soon. The return of Liam has her scared…because she's finding herself attracted to him all over again. Will he leave her heart broken once again?

A sizzling and emotional tale, CHRISTMASTIME COWBOY is that book you want to curl up in a chair by a roaring fire and read to the very end. Liam and Sabrina have a lot of angst to work out before they can turn their sights on a future together, but getting there is a lot of fun for readers and one that I highly recommend. Make CHRISTMASTIME COWBOY a part of your next reading adventure.

Patti Fischer