A Gold Valley Novella
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October 2017
Contemporary Romance Novella

Gold Valley, Oregon – Present Day

After his only sister died tragically from cancer years ago, Cooper Mason promised himself he wouldn't be back to Gold Valley except for an occasional visit to his parents. It's Christmas and he's back for the holiday, spending a night out in a local bar, when he spots a pretty woman. Their eyes meet, and Cooper doesn't recognize her as a local, so he figures a one-night stand would be a way to finish off the night. She takes him back to her house, but just as he finishes making love to her, he recognizes her as Annabelle Preston, who was once a childhood pest to him. But now she's grown into a beautiful and sexy woman.

Annabelle has always had a crush on Cooper and was disappointed she didn't get a chance to attract him after she grew up. But here he is now, ready to give her the thrill of a lifetime by making love to her. Once he realizes who she is, he recoils because he sees her as part of a painful past that includes the sister he loved and lost. Annabelle tries to convince Cooper that she isn't looking for more from him than a fling, but is she lying to herself? Besides, Cooper will be leaving after Christmas. Will Annabelle's heart end up broken?

COWBOY CHRISTMAS BLUES kicks off a new series for Maisey Yates by introducing readers to Gold Valley, a small town in Oregon. As a child, Annabelle followed Cooper around, hoping he'd notice her, but all he saw was a little pest. She's grown up now, and he can't keep his eyes off her. But she still has a bit of a mouth on her and informs him that just because he knows her from childhood doesn't mean she would want a lasting relationship with him. Cooper is attracted to her and can't resist her offer of a Christmas fling. But the more sex they have, the harder it's going to be to leave her behind.

The death of Cooper's sister hangs over the Mason family. Losing her ripped the family apart, which is why he rarely comes home. After his mother asks him to place flowers at the site where his sister's ashes are, he nearly loses it, but Annabelle is there to comfort him. Even as they grow closer, Cooper knows he's going to have to break it off. If loving her is wrong, why will it hurt to leave her? Will Cooper make the decision to stay in Gold Valley…with Annabelle?

A short romance to whet an appetite for holiday love, grab COWBOY'S CHRISTMAS BLUES from wherever you buy eBooks.

Patti Fischer