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COWBOY WILD – Maisey Yates
Four Corners Ranch , Book 3
ISBN: 978-1335600967
February 21, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Four Corners Ranch, Oregon – Present Day

Elsie Garrett has grown up around cowboys, so being around sexy cowboy Hunter McCloud shouldn’t be a big deal. But her brothers are protective of her and there is no way that she can ask them for tips on how to flirt with a man that she’s interested in. So, Elsie asks Hunter. Whenever she has seen him in the local bar, he has used his charms on women without fail. All she wants is his secrets to what a man likes to hear. But once they start to talk, a sudden attraction begins to develop. Why after all these years is Elsie suddenly wanting Hunter?

Hunter has always looked at Elsie as his best friends’ little sister. When she comes to him asking for his help in flirting, he doesn’t understand why it bothers him that she not only wants to flirt with another man, but she intends to lose her virginity to the guy. However, Hunter does give her some advice, and he then wonders how he will feel seeing her go after the guy she’s currently interested in. As he struggles with his unexplained feelings, they agree to go on an out-of-town trip to see some horses. They will also stop at a store where he will also advise Elsie on buying some decent man-attracting clothes. An overnight stay in a hotel soon makes it clear that there are more than just feelings of friendship between Hunter and Elsie. 

COWBOY WILD is a friends-to-lovers romance that will tickle the fancy of readers. Four Corners is a quartet of local ranches that intersect and the four families interact with each other. Two of the McCloud brothers have found love, and Elsie is happy for them. However, being the youngest and only girl, her brothers are overly protective of her. How is she expected to learn how to feel like a woman with them hovering over her? Hunter is a good friend and seems to know how to please a woman, so a few tips from him should give her a start on her plan to seduce the man she currently has her sights on. However, Hunter has heard that the guy is a love ‘em and leave ‘em type, so tries to warn her. Instead, Elsie throws out a challenge to Hunter: she wants to lose her virginity to him. Will he take her up on the offer?

There are plenty of fun scenes and sexy banter in COWBOY WILD. Elsie knows how to hold herself against super alpha cowboys like Hunter and isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with him. Both need to be strong after their turbulent childhood with parents who left or were not good parental figures. The Garrett and McCloud families practically raised themselves, along with some help from each other. But how will they feel about Hunter and Elsie having sex? Will it cross some unspoken boundary? It certainly is going to be hard to hide the fact that Hunter and Elsie have the hots for each other. 

A delightful romance with some fun characters, I highly recommend COWBOY WILD. It’s the third tale in the Four Corners Ranch series, but this one can be read as a standalone. 

Patti Fischer

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