A Gold Valley Novel
HQN Books
ISBN: 978-1-335-50497-5
June 2019
Contemporary Romance

Gold Valley, Oregon – Present Day

As the youngest child (and only girl) in the Dodge family, Jamie is tired of being taken for granted and decides to go work for Gabe Dalton at his ranch training horses. Gabe intrigues Jamie, but he's much more experienced than she at life, especially when it comes to winning over the opposite sex. Yes, she will privately admit that she's attracted to him, but why would he even bother looking at plain looking Jamie? Now with her brothers all hooked up with their own women, she wonders what she's missing when it comes to sex. And of course, while she came to work at Gabe's ranch to get away from her overbearing brothers, he's almost as bad as they are. He gets under her skin, so it's inevitable that their confrontations soon turn into heated passion between them. Will Jamie finally get to explore what it's like to be a woman with Gabe?

Gabe is a former rodeo star who has had his share of buckle bunnies at his disposal, yet it's the prickly Jamie who is now getting him all hot and bothered. She's sassy, talented at training horses, and sexy as hell when she's angry at him. After she challenges him one night, he responds by kissing her. Then, later that night she shows up at his cabin ready to have sex with him. Turns out that one night with Jamie isn't enough. Is it just lust…or is he falling for the sexy cowgirl?

Jamie and Gabe have known each other for years as both families have ranches in Gold Valley. Yet, they were in different worlds: Jamie has been sheltered by her overprotective family and Gabe left home at eighteen to travel with the rodeo. Jamie's mother died a couple of days after she was born, which has left a hole in her life despite the love from her father and brothers. Gabe's parents have a tumultuous relationship due to his father's many affairs, including one that resulted in a half-sister who only showed up a few months ago and is now engaged to Jamie's brother. Knowing his father was unfaithful has left Gabe feeling like he will end up like this, so he doesn't plan to ever marry. It doesn't help that a pregnancy scare when he was young freaked him out. He knows Jamie is the type who should have a man who is faithful, honorable, and decent. He doesn't think he's that man. But she insists she wants them to have sex and that it won't mean a thing. So, he takes her up on the offer for them to indulge in a fling. One taste of Jamie and Gabe wants more.

There is a lot of back and forth between Jamie and Gabe in COWBOY TO THE CORE which results in some fun dialogue and entertaining scenes. He's a man—no, a cowboy —to the core and she challenges him in ways that he's never seen before. She has had people around her doubt her, and she's ready to prove she can do what is asked of her. Jamie even has a plan for the future that she tells Gabe about, and it involves leaving Gold Valley to participate in barrel racing.

Her family won't like it, but she plans to do what she wants for the first time in her life. She figures once her affair is over with Gabe it will be easy to walk away. But love has a funny way of interfering…

Readers of Maisey Yates's Gold Valley books will be familiar with many of the characters who are in COWBOY TO THE CORE, but it can easily be read as a standalone as this tale is about Gabe and Jamie discovering they're attracted to each other. Love wasn't in their plans, but their hearts have another idea. A charming and riveting tale you won't want to miss, be sure to pick up a copy of COWBOY TO THE CORE.

Patti Fischer