Gold Valley  Series, Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-335-47461-2
August 2018
Contemporary Romance

Gold Valley, Oregon – Present Day

Five years ago, Wyatt Dodge watched Lindy Parker walk into a bar and was instantly attracted to her. However, she was married to his friend, Damien. But Lindy later divorced Damien after the man cheated on her, and as part of her settlement, received his family's winery. She's built it into a successful business and is working with Wyatt and his family as a partner in their project to open a dude ranch. Wyatt is cocky, and whenever Lindy is around, he makes fun of her uptight attitude. Could it be that deep down he is still attracted to her?

Lindy grew up in a trailer park and still feels like she can't shed that stigma despite ten years of marriage to Damien where she upgraded her life and wardrobe. Wyatt annoys her, including the fact that he was friends with her ex and because he's of the same cloth—bedding women indiscriminately. But Lindy has to work with the man, and as much as he annoys her, she's also more than a tiny bit intrigued by him. As Lindy battles her unexplained feelings for Wyatt, the intense chemistry between them burns hotter…and hotter.

It's a return to Gold Valley, Oregon and the Dodge family, who are working hard to open their tourist destination. Lindy's winery will provide the wine which means she has to work closely with Wyatt. He challenges her to get off her “high horse” and experience the ranch by taking her horseback riding and hiking. Of course, for a woman who wears tight skirts and is always dressed impeccably, this means coming out of her comfort zone. Wyatt is one of those guys who is charming and says whatever he pleases, while Lindy is always controlled. That is, except when it comes to being around him. While she is attracted to him, is he just like her ex?

Wyatt had a successful career as a bull rider but gave it all up to help out the family by opening the ranch to tourists. His father actually owns the property and has given Wyatt a year to make a profit or he'll sell it, leaving Wyatt and his siblings without the ranch. Why is their father acting like this? Could it have something to do with what happened between Wyatt and his father nineteen years ago? Wyatt's siblings don't know about it and he's not going to tell them, but it has hung over his head all these years. Meanwhile, Lindy continues to intrigue him and the more he challenges her and works with her, the deeper his attraction for her grows. Is Wyatt playing with Lindy's feelings since he has no intention of committing himself to any woman?

There is plenty of bantering back and forth between Lindy and Wyatt in GOOD TIME COWBOY and it will have readers smiling. These two have been minor characters in at least two prior tales (SMOOTH-TALKING COWBOY and UNTAMED COWBOY) in the  Gold Valley  series by Maisey Yates, and they have always been antagonistic towards one another. GOOD TIME COWBOY forces them together, and readers will be rewarded when they give in to the desire that's built up over time. There's just something sexy about a cowboy who hooks up with a woman who seems way out of his league. But love doesn't care.

Lindy and Wyatt thought that love wasn't in the cards for them, but they unexpectedly find it with each other in GOOD TIME COWBOY. Their chemistry sizzles and their interactions sparkle. Find out if the cowboy and his lady find a happily-ever-after together in this entertaining tale you won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer