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The Carsons of Lone Rock , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2923
ISBN: 978-1-335-58162-4
February 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Lone Rock, Oregon – Present Day

Cara Summers and Jace Carson have been best friends since they were kids in school together. She now runs her late grandfather’s bar and has dreams of buying and opening a local hotel that is rundown. Jace rides in the rodeo but wonders if it is time to retire from that. Jace learns from Cara one night about her plans for the hotel. There is a caveat on the sale. She must spend one night in the hotel. There are rumors that the hotel is haunted, so Cara isn’t looking forward to spending it alone. Jace offers to stay the night with her at the hotel.

Their night in the hotel should be fun and enjoyable for Jace and Cara, but the closeness and darkness lead to confessions. She tells Jace that she wants to lose her virginity to him. He doesn’t believe her at first that she’s a virgin. After all, Cara works in a rowdy bar and flirts with some of the patrons. At first, Jace refuses, but he can’t get it out of his mind. Soon, he shows up and is ready to do the deed with Cara. But one night together might not be enough.

It's friends to lovers in this sizzling romance from Maisey Yates in ONE NIGHT RANCHER. Jace doesn’t believe in love and happily-ever-after, but if he has to marry someone, why not his best friend? Cara has secretly been in love with him for years and wished that he’d look her way. Too much booze and fear of things that bump in the night led to her confessing about her virginity and how she wanted it taken care of…by him. Jace is understandably worried about how it would affect their friendship. She insists that nothing will change. 

There is a lot of back and forth between Cara and Jace in ONE NIGHT RANCHER as they feel comfortable discussing just about everything with each other, including sex. His brothers have teased him about his relationship with Cara, but he insists they are friends only. But after one taste of Cara’s body, Jace not only wants more, but he also doesn’t want any other man to have a chance with her. The only way he can get what he wants is by offering her marriage. But will she agree, even if she is in love with him? He has yet to profess his love to her.

ONE NIGHT RANCHER is a sexy, fun tale with plenty of sensuality. Readers will enjoy the banter between Cara and Jace, as well as their lead up to the act itself. Will they finally end up with each other? Find out by grabbing a copy of this book. 

Patti Fischer

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