ISBN: 978-1-335-66646-8
May 2020
Women's Fiction

Sunset Bay, Oregon – Present Day

Three generations of women face their past, present, and future in this heartwarming and emotional tale.

As SECRETS FROM A HAPPY MARRIAGE opens, Rachel Henderson is losing her beloved husband to cancer. Being a widow at the age of thirty-nine isn't something she ever expected. Their seventeen-year-old daughter, Emma, is about to graduate from high school. What Rachel doesn't realize is that the day her husband dies, Emma learns she'd been accepted into college in Massachusetts. Because Emma feels her mother needs her by her side, she makes the decision on her own to stick closer to home by planning to attend college in Oregon.

Rachel's mother, Wendy McDonald, has a deep secret about her past that she hasn't told her two daughters. Her youngest, Anna, has become the town's pariah after her husband, who is a minister, announces to his parish that Anna betrayed him by sleeping with another man. Rachel, Anna, Emma, and Wendy all live on the premises of a historic lighthouse inn that is the source of their income. Wendy is forced to stand back and watch Anna being treated badly by people who hate her for what she did to her husband. How can Wendy protect her children from being hurt? Especially in light of what she did…

As Rachel, Wendy, Anna, and Emma deal with the past and the present, they wonder about their futures. Rachel doesn't quite realize it at first, but she's about to find herself attracted to Adam, the owner of a local diner. Meanwhile, Emma finally admits she's finding Luke, a young mechanic, attractive. How can she get him to notice her? Anna must deal with the whispers and cold stares from people in town even as she tries to keep her head held high. Can she make peace with the man she betrayed?  A stranger connected to the inn's past arrives and catches the eye of Wendy.

All four women in SECRETS FROM A HAPPY MARRIAGE experience growth in themselves in different ways. Will this result in happiness for all of them? Can life go onward and forward for them? Within the pages of this tale are stories of love, hope, and forgiveness. The forgiveness plays a big part for all four, especially when Wendy's big secret rips apart their once happy family unit.

If you love heartwarming tales of family love and devotion, mixed with some intriguing and endearing characters, then grab a copy of SECRETS FROM A HAPPY MARRIAGE. Once you pick it up, you won't want to put it down.

Patti Fischer