A Perfect 10
A Gold Valley Novel , Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-335-00698-1
February 2018
Contemporary Romance

Gold Valley, Oregon – Present Day

Olivia Logan spent two years in a romantic relationship with Bennett Dodge, but at Christmas she realized he wasn't in love with her, so she broke it off. One day, she's on her way to work when she gets a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere, but Luke Hollister stops and gives her a ride to her job at the winery. Olivia has known Luke for years, since he moved to Gold Valley and started working for the Dodge family. Their relationship is somewhat contentious, as Luke has that bad boy vibe that shouldn't interest good girl Olivia. But there's this hum of attraction between them that she's never noticed before…until now.

Since Olivia reached adulthood, Luke has had an inkling of interest in her, but he's backed off, mainly because he doesn't infringe on his friends' girlfriends, and because she's way too good for him. After an encounter at the bar between them that have people buzzing, Luke suggests they pretend to be involved to make Bennett jealous. Olivia agrees, even if her good girl reputation might take a hit. Luke soon realizes that being around Olivia only drives him crazy with need for her. She's sassy and stubborn, which turns him on. Hot kisses lead them down a path neither expects.

Olivia thought Bennett was her perfect mate and her world revolved around him, even though it was she who put in most of the effort. She thought for sure there'd be a Christmas proposal, but there wasn't, and she ended up breaking off with him in full view of people in town. After Olivia's encounter with Luke, first with the flat tire and then in the local bar, tongues are soon wagging, and Bennett's eyebrows are raised. What a perfect setup…make the man she loves jealous.

But being around Luke has other feelings emerging for Olivia, unlike what she feels for Bennett and it scares her. Olivia has a twin sister who left town after terrorizing their parents with her bad behavior. For her family's sake, Olivia has to remain the good girl. But Luke definitely has her thinking about doing some bad things with him. Olivia fights her feelings for Luke, but will it turn out to be a losing cause? Meanwhile, Luke starts to wonder if it's time to be his own boss. Turns out Olivia's father has some prime property. Will this cowboy soon have his own ranch?

Olivia and Luke are interesting and fun characters, and if readers are like me, not only will you be rooting for them to get together, but you'll hate to see SMOOTH-TALKING COWBOY end. This is the reason that I had to give it one of Romance Reviews Today's rare  Perfect 10's . SMOOTH-TALKING COWBOY is the first book in the  Gold Valley  series by Maisey Yates and is loosely connected to her popular  Copper Ridge  series.

SMOOTH-TALKING COWBOY is for all the good girls out there who are waiting for the right guy to help bring out their inner badness. There's just something about a sexy cowboy that connects to readers. Grab this gem and start your next reading adventure.

Patti Fischer