ISBN: 978-1-335-50320-6
July 26, 2022
Contemporary Fiction

Pear Blossom, Oregon – Present Day

Twenty-two years ago, a newborn baby was found on Sentinel Bridge late one night just before Christmas by the three McKee girls, Marianne, Lydia, and Dahlia. The little baby girl had been abandoned and the story was one of the biggest to hit the tiny town of Pear Blossom. An investigation could not locate the mother, and eventually, it was the McKee family, headed by parents Jed and Andrea McKee, who adopted and gave love and nourishment to the little girl that they named Ruby. A happily-ever-after for one family at least. Unfortunately for Dana Groves, her teenage daughter, Caitlin, is still missing and presumed dead, with the alleged killer, Nathan, in custody.

As THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL opens, we learn that the now grownup Ruby has spent the past couple of years in England and has returned to Pear Blossom. She will be starting a new job at the historical society, which leads her to revisit the two old mysterious tales: how did she end up on the bridge, and what happened to Caitlin Groves? Her oldest sister, Marianne, is happily married to Jackson and they have two children, of which the oldest daughter is starting to act out. Marianne worries about her. Lydia has two children also but lost her husband to cancer a year ago. His best friend, Chase, helps her in running the farm. She feels some anger toward him that she can’t decipher. Could it be because she has feelings toward Chase?

Then there is Dahlia. She has a nice job working for the local newspaper and agrees to assist Ruby in digging up old newspaper articles about the two investigations. This leads Dahlia to contact the local sheriff, who happens to be a guy she went to school with. Carter was once married to another schoolmate, but that marriage has ended. Connecting with Carter leads to unexpected sparks flying between them. But it is Ruby that Dahlia is now concerned with. One day, Ruby spotted Nathan, who is back in town. The charges had been dropped years ago due to no evidence, namely because there hasn’t been a body found. Nathan is hardened by what he’s been put through. He still insists he is innocent—and Ruby believes him.

THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL is an emotional tale that will no doubt tug at the heartstrings of readers. The four McKee sisters are close, yet they don’t reveal all their feelings to each other. Ruby is probably the one who is more open. Everyone loves Ruby. She was the miracle baby whose rescue is still the talk of the town. She could have decided to not delve into the past, but it still haunts her. So many unanswered questions about her birth and what happened to Caitlin, who had disappeared a year before Ruby’s birth. Ruby is drawn to Nathan because she senses he is an innocent victim, especially when she learns how much he loved Caitlin, who was his girlfriend.

In THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL, each sister has a point of view, which reveals what they’re thinking. Lydia feels some guilt about her relationship with her late husband. Marianne wonders why she is suddenly feeling unsettled. Ruby and Dahlia end up sharing the “shed”, which has been converted into a two-bedroom apartment. The closeness reveals some tension between the two. This tale reads like a cleverly crafted whodunit, with a question of whether Caitlin’s disappearance and Ruby’s birth are somehow related. A compelling tale that readers won’t want to put down, don’t miss THE LOST AND FOUND GIRL.

Patti Fischer

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