A Gold Valley Novel , Book 12
ISBN: 978-1-335-44808-8
June 29, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Gold Valley, Oregon – Present Day

Iris Daniels is shy and has mostly stayed home and in the shadows of her siblings. Their parents died tragically in a plane crash when Iris was fourteen, and the oldest brother stepped in to take over raising the younger girls, with Iris doing the cooking and taking charge of the household chores. Now past the age of thirty, she has watched her brother and sisters find love. Iris now feels adrift, so decides that she wants to open a business using the one skill she does best: cooking. There is a vacant building in Gold Valley she can rent, but first, she must convince the owner to rent to her. This requires tracking him down, which she does. He lives in a remote area outside of town. Iris pays him a visit with a tray of cookies in her hand. Things don't go well.

Griffin Chance once lived the good—and wealthy—life in San Francisco, but he left it all behind after his wife and child were killed. He's currently living in a cabin that is barely habitable and a place that he rarely leaves. But he's content living like this because being around people only reminds him of what he has lost. Griffin didn't take kindly to Iris showing up unexpectedly to ask him about renting the building he owns, but he must admit that she has balls. She offers to clean his “house” and cook meals for him in exchange for letting her rent from him. He agrees, mainly because he's intrigued by her. Griffin hasn't had much contact with people, but suddenly Iris is always around. It's inevitable that their shaky friendship soon turns into an explosive attraction. But can Iris bring Griffin off the mountain?

In the past few books in the Gold Valley series, readers have come to know the Daniels' family. In THE HEARTBREAKER OF ECHO PASS, we have reached the final tale about Iris, the middle child and oldest daughter. Iris took on the role of mother and caretaker after her parents died, but she never had time to be a young woman experiencing life. Iris is shy and doesn't have any dating experience. Her sister, Rose, recently found her a guy while trying to act as a matchmaker for Iris. But it wasn't successful, so Iris figures it's time to start having a life of her own without looking for a man. Meeting Griffin, she is both appalled and intrigued by him. She is curious about what drove him to live in a hovel in the mountains. Slowly, his background comes out, and now, Iris wants to mother him. But Griffin is much more than a man to be mothered. He could become the first man she's ever been intimately involved with.

Griffin is annoyed at Iris's interruption of what he considers his retreat, which is living in a cabin with no electricity or running water. He still owns his company in San Francisco, and occasionally checks in with his personal assistant. Everyone wants him to return to the “real world,” but he prefers life out in the boonies. Griffin's interactions with Iris are contentious at first, but they soon develop a friendship, and later, an attraction. Will their attraction not only end up with them making love, but will it also bring him off the mountain?

As always when reading one of the Gold Valley novels by Maisey Yates, readers are in for some entertaining characters and fun bantering. THE HEARTBREAKER OF ECHO PASS hits all the right notes and is an exquisite addition to the series. Don't miss the fun and be sure to grab a copy of THE HEARTBREAKER OF ECHO PASS.

Patti Fischer