A Gold Valley Novel
HQN Books
ISBN: 978-1-335-01351-4
July 21, 2020
Contemporary Romance

Gold Valley, Oregon – Present Day

For fifteen years, Samantha “Sammy” Marshall has lived in a camper on Ryder Daniels and his family's land. The group of misfits also includes Ryder's sisters, all of whom have fended for themselves through thick and thin and see each other as one big family. One night, Sammy tells Ryder that she feels like there's something missing in her life and she plans to take care of it but needs his help. Turns out she wants a baby. No, she is not asking Ryder to be the daddy, instead, she is wanting his opinion on who would be good in Gold Valley to be the potential father. While he sees red at what he feels is a foolish decision, he doesn't let on—at first—but soon he makes it clear to her that it's a stupid idea. Then Ryder offers himself to Sammy as the baby daddy.

Sammy grew up not feeling wanted by her parents. After her father died, she walked away from her mother at the age of seventeen and hasn't seen her since. Sammy earns a meager living making jewelry to sell and relying on the emotional support of the Daniels' family, with Ryder the patriarch who was left to raise his sisters after their parents died in a crash. Adding Sammy to the “family” was easy, and Ryder thinks of her as just another sister to keep an eye on—until he no longer sees her as a sister, but a desirable woman. After he offers her the chance to have his baby, they give in to the insatiable passion that's been burning between them since he learned about her baby plan. Will they make a baby…and find love together?

Sammy's plan to become a mother takes an unexpected turn for her in THE HERO OF HOPE SPRINGS. Ryder is like a big brother to her, so it's understandable that he is protective of her when she concocts a plan to have a baby. After feeling unloved and unwanted growing up, Sammy wants a baby to love and care for. Ryder wants to get her to change her mind. It's crazy and she's not thinking clearly. What if she gets a guy to agree who wants more, or he turns out to not be the right guy but it's too late? Offering himself as the “sperm donor” was something done in the heat of the moment. Ryder thinks he can get her to change her mind, but it doesn't stop him from looking at her as a sexy woman.

The banter between Ryder and Sammy highlight THE HERO OF HOPE SPRINGS. It's clear they care for each other, but their longtime friendship will change forever if they become lovers. First off, he isn't just going to impregnate her and then walk away. He wants to nurture and protect her, even as she resists that idea. Sammy is used to being independent and doesn't want any man to “take care of her.” Who will win the battle of wills between them?

THE HERO OF HOPE SPRINGS is part of the extensive Gold Valley series by Maisey Yates, but like most of them, can easily be read as a standalone. Readers will fall in love with Sammy and Ryder. Their longtime friendship is on the line in this fun and endearing tale. Can they find love—and a happily-ever-after together? Find out in THE HERO OF HOPE SPRINGS.

Patti Fischer