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Four Corners Ranch, Book 6
Canary Street Press
ISBN: 978-1-335-60080-6
November 2023

Contemporary Romance

Four Corners Ranch, Oregon – Present Day

Charity Wyatt and Lachlan McCloud have been best friends since they were teenagers. She followed her late father into becoming a veterinarian and she treats Lachlan’s family’s animals on their ranch, which means they often come into contact. Lachlan is grateful to Charity for their friendship as she helped him survive his traumatic childhood. She is also in a long-distance engagement with another veterinarian in Virginia, but the couple haven’t had sex. Lachlan is notorious for his one-night stands. But one day, he comes to her and asks for her advice on how to find a wife. His four brothers have found their wives, and he thinks it would help him settle down if he married too. Charity agrees to help but is wondering why she is suddenly jealous of the future Mrs. Lachlan McCloud.

Their friendship goes through a test in THE TROUBLEMAKER, the sixth tale in the Four Corners Ranch series. Everyone around them knows that Charity and Lachlan are best friends and are always there for each other, but neither wants to jeopardize their friendship by getting sexually involved. Not that Charity knows how to have sex because she hasn’t even done the deed with her devout fiancé. Meanwhile, Lachlan starts his search for a wife and finds a potential candidate. She seems good, but there is one problem with her: she isn’t Charity. The more they talk about who is good for them as a spouse, the greater the attraction between them grows. How soon will Charity and Lachlan realize that maybe it’s time to take a chance on each other?

Charity and Lachlan can argue with each other, but they continue to be supportive in THE TROUBLEMAKER. If you like friends-to-lovers romances, then this one is for you. Lachlan was raised by an abusive father, and it has left its mark on him. Charity was raised by her father and doesn’t even know who her mother is because she was dropped off by her mother who then left. Even though she is a capable veterinarian, she still gets flak from some of the older ranchers who see her as a little girl. With Lachlan’s support, Charity overcomes her problems. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that she will always be there for him, too. 

Things start off in THE TROUBLEMAKER with them bickering about marriage to other people, but Charity and Lachlan soon shift to feeling the sizzling sexual chemistry between them. She becomes all too aware of him and suddenly feels jealous of his potential wife. He challenges her about her relationship with her fiancé. It all comes to a head—and a realization that they can’t ignore their attraction. Will they find their way to each other for a future together? Find out the answer by grabbing a copy of THE TROUBLEMAKER.

Patti Fischer

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