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Four Corners Ranch
Canary Street Press
August 1, 2023

Contemporary Romance Novella Mapleton, Oregon – Present Day

Good girl Shayna Clarke was adopted by a pastor and feels like she is living a boring life. She is a virgin and hasn’t done much except care for her father and go to church. One day while out hiking, she accidentally takes a wrong turn and ends up at the remote cabin of ex-prisoner Zane Fox. He scares her away, but she returns the next day with the excuse that she left her backpack behind. Except—she secretly wants to see Zane again. 

Zane is surprised to see Shayna back again. He is aware that she is the pastor’s daughter and has led a sheltered life. But when she indicates that she wants a walk on the wild side—in his bed, who is he to say no to her? Though he didn’t expect her to be the first virgin that he deflowered. And one time becomes another...and another. 

WILD NIGHT COWBOY is a short tale that gets right to the heart of the story when Shayna returns for another interaction with Zane. The first time, he was like a wild man to her, and it scared her. Like most people in town, she knows about his history. He went to prison when he was eighteen and has served his time. He stays alone on the mountain and doesn’t have any known friends. But there is something about their interaction with each other that attracts Shayne and Zane. The first time only made them both want more. But will their ten-year age difference and his checkered past make it hard to explore anything else beyond sex?

Short and sexy, it won’t take readers long to read WILD NIGHT COWBOY. While part of the Four Corners Ranch series, this is a standalone. If you’re looking for a quick entertaining read that is sizzling hot, then I highly recommend that you pick this up in your favorite eBook store. 

Patti Fischer

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